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From Puppy Potty Breaks to Full "Bed & Biscuit" Overnight Care


Group of Dogs, cats, birds,mammals and r
Services & Pricing: Service

DAYTIME VISITS: Drop Ins & Dog Walking

15 MIN. DROP IN (Potty Break)









If you would rather someone not stay in your home overnight, you can still have a responsible, seasoned pet care professional taking care of your pet throughout the day. Three visits/day required for the mental & physical health of the dog. Four visits suggested for smaller dogs or those with some separation anxiety. Cats & other small caged animals will be discussed based their routine.

Cats & Small Caged Pets ($20/visit)

  • 30 Min Minimum.

  • One visit per every 1-2 days is fine given the situation.


  • Three Visits/Day ($60): Minimum & most popular. Includes companionship, walks, play & TLC. Also, mental exercise through enrichment games & positive reinforcement exercises. We require three visits for pets' health & well being.

  • Four Visits/Day ($80): Suggested for smaller dogs, puppies & seniors, unless they have a doggy door during the day.




BASIC Plan: $80 (13 hrs/day Total = 7pm-8am, Or Dinner to Breakfast Routine; No daytime visits.) 

  • Staying over from approximately 7pm-8am. Or following your routine from dinner time to breakfast.

  • Includes one walk, feeding & favorite treat times; sleeping in same bed if you like, any illness overnight.

  • Companionship, playtime, TLC, and updates through client portal with details & pictures of our quality time together.


BRONZE Plan: Basic Plan + One 1-Hour Mid-Day Visit: $95 (Pets alone ~10 hrs/day, aka 14 hrs total)

  • Extra walk &/or lunch, quirky midday treats routines, etc. It's as if you came home from work for an hour.

  • Extra companionship, play, TLC, treats, meds, etc.


SILVER Plan: Basic Plan + Half Day = $110 (Pets Alone ~6 hrs/Day, aka 18 hrs total) 

  • Lots more companionship, play, TLC, lunch, treats, meds,  etc.

  • More walking &/or lunch, enrichment games, commands reinforcement, etc.

  • Updates through client portal with details & pictures if you like.


GOLD Plan: Basic Plan + Full Day: $125 (Care for ~ 24/7)  Pets sometimes alone for 2-3 hrs/day to take care of other clients, but not daily)

  • Most popular for first trip away with a new sitter or first sitter &/or separation anxiety.

  • Much like many people's Covid quarantine situation.

  • Includes 2-3 walks &/or 2-3 meals, quirky daily routines.

  • All throughout the day, the receive TONS of quality time with companionship, play, TLC, treats, meds, sleeping in same bed, etc.







  • Excursions: Car ride, wind in their hair/fur, driving to the park or their favorite place = Time Above + Mileage. Please note that I do not take dogs to the dog park due to liability issues.

  • Pet Taxi: Visit to take them to the vet or groomers, then = Time Above + Mileage.

  • Wrightsville Beach Staycation Adventure: Only during off season. Must have had a previous walking visits with me to prove to be well-behaved on leash. Also, must sign that they’ve been to the beach several times before our trip.

  • Playdate with Gracie: Can bring them over to my house for a backyard playdate or (doggy) pool party with my super friendly & spunky mini Goldendoodle, Gracie. Or can bring her over for socialization & fun.


  • Special "High Value" Treats: I can prepare healthy, stuffed Kongs, “pup”sicles, etc. Or provide bully sticks or frozen marrow bones. For cats can bring them fresh/live catnip or “cat grass”.

  • Coming Soon … Furbo Pet Camera Rental: Would you like to check in o watch dog/cat when your away & toss treats. Has 2-way audio & visual, plus movement notices & “selfie” alerts to see them having fun solo … or talking to them in the middle of naughty shenanigans!

  • Enrichment Toys & Games: I can bring a slew of interactive toys, which gives the pups mental exercise in addition too physical exercise. Great for puppies or other high energy dogs, as well as those with separation anxiety. I can also run commands/tricks with them, play “Find It” with treats, etc.

  • Positive Reinforcement Practice: While I am not a trainer, I am very familiar with training with positive (clicker &/or treat-based) training methods. Good for establishing a trusting Alpha status - that I am there to take care of them. Helps with acting out, regressing, eases anxiety, and helps with leash manners.



  • Meet & Greet Consult ($25): Meeting to get to know you, your pet(s) & any home needs.

  • Extra Pet Fee ($5 each): More than a 2-pet household, if dogs can be walked together.

  • Extra Walks: ($10 each): For a 20 min walk.

  • Puppy Fees: Aka, “Trouble Patrol”($10-50): Anyone that has raised a puppy knows it can be a full-time job … Potty training, frequent potty breaks, clean ups, teething, chewing/destroying everything in sight, non-stop energy & adorably needing attention & supervision! Also, the first few times that puppies or young dogs are away from their parents (especially Covid puppies), they tend to regress … having accidents again, counter surfing, and generally trying to “pull one over” on the babysitter.

  • Medicine Administration ($5-10): Range includes basic pills/supplements in Pill Pockets or peanut butter, to Insulin injections and pets that are aggressively resistant to medical care. While I’m not a vet tech, I have lived with my own senior pets with medical issues. And have dealt with a lot of medical issues with clients over twenty yrs.

  • Behavioral Work: I get such a joy working with pets that have behavioral issues, whether it is severe separation anxiety to aggression. I’m not a trainer or behaviorist, but I’ve seen a lot! … Breaking up clients’ dogs that fight too aggressively together, are severely dog/human reactive on walks or have intense fears. Plus, pets that bite, hiss & scratch or are skilled escape artists. I might need to charge a bit more than the base price after our Meet & Greet evaluation if it seems like there will be significant time or effort involved in care. That’s why I have a-la-carte services. Many sitters don’t have the knowledge & experience to handle these things without interrupting your vacation. Or they won’t come back to sit again. 

  • Holiday Fees:  (Varies $5-$15) New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving (Thurs & Friday), Christmas Holiday (24th & 25th).

  • Overtime: Routine or "Vacation" Drop In Visits outside of working hours of 9am-9pm.

  • Out of Area Fee: Varies based on extra travel time & mileage. Areas that I primarily work include Porters Neck, Figure 8, Bayshore, Murraysville, Ogden & Middle Sound Loop. Mayfaire & Wrightsville are considered out of area.



DISCOUNTS: I am in the “business” of truly treating pets like family & often offer price breaks for deserving owners including:

  • Loyalty: Discount for repeat clients.

  • Friends & Family: And “NextDoor” neighbor referrals.

  • Rescues: Adopted rescue dogs & foster dog families

  • Heroes: Military & Emergency Responders: Active & retired military families, Police, Firemen, EMT’s, etc.

VACATION SERVICES: Drop In Visits & Overnight Stays


EXTRA FUN: Turn Your Trip into their Staycation!

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